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SFA System comes with hundreds of features and modules. You do not have to subscribe all modules at once. We suggest you try a few of the modules first. When you feel conformable with these, then you may consider adding other features to your system.

Managing Academic Institutions Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Dynamic Website

Full backend controlled personalised content management system.

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Content Management

Photo Gallery

Full backend control

Allows schools to extend their online branding from marketing website to their secure Parents Web portal.

Integrates with School Site’s style sheet to exactly match design options.

Curriculum Management

Curricula management includes the processes of developing, maintaining, and improving curricula. 

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Lesson Plan creation and delivery

Subject wise content upload and download

Homework set up, collection and marking

Provides Web tests and online homework drop box.

Microsoft 360

Calendar Management

Plan your whole year work in advance and acess as and when required

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Plan, create and share School’s Academic Calendar

Setup departmental calendars

Appointment Scheduling

Automated Scheduling

Class Scheduling

Employee Scheduling

Facility Scheduling

Group Scheduling

Publish calendar on internet and intranet

Meeting Room Booking

Resource Scheduling

Admission Management

Managemet student admission process online and eliminate manual tasks.

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Automated Admission Management

Integrates with Online Application and Online Enrolment.

Monitors student completion of the Admissions process.

Manages waiting lists.

Migrates students from Applicant to Enrolled status without requiring re-entry of data.

Student Management

From admission to tracking students academic progress, everything at the click of a button.  

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Create and retrieve student profile

Track students’ academic progress

Monitoring students’ attendance record

Smooth management of student’s class progression

Records parent/guardian/custodial relationships with student.

Tracks emergency contact and authorized pickup information.

Attendance Management

SFA has the most advanced and fully automated student attendance management system. 

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Exam Result Management

Simple and easy to use example management system built with progress monitoring. 

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Online and Offline Result Publication

Accumulative result generation

Provides free standard report card templates or completely customized report cards.

Transcript offers standard, weighted and customized GPA calculations.

Supports grading scales using the point system, weighted percentage and mixed systems.

Student Portal

SFA portal is designed for student to access resources and submit course work online.

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Homework dashboard

Homework list (pending and completed list and marked by teacher)

Records grades, homework assignments and lesson plans.

Allows students to request courses via Parents Web Portal, which drives request-based schedule.

We have many more personalised modules. Please make enquiry.  

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